Producing Portfolio

Total Views: 31.5+ million

I’ve produced work for traditional networks, digital media companies, and social media campaigns. From large companies to startup/indie productions, I love storytelling at every audience size.


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Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Digital Activation

Role: PRODUCER (BLKBX Creative Group)

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Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, is a love letter to the Golden Age of Los Angeles in the late ‘60s. To prime audiences on that era and build excitement, BLKBX Creative Group strategically partnered with Getty Images and Google to create mini-documentaries that touched on various parts of Hollywood during the time period. Mobile users would be able to unlock exclusive content with Google’s AR functionality by visiting real locations from the film, such as Musso & Frank grill.

I served as the producer on this project where my roles included managing the budget, creating production timelines, auditioning and hiring narrators, managing UX designers and editors, and working with external partners and stakeholders.

Skills + Software: Actors Access, Gantt Chart, Harvest, contracts, licensing


Good Mythical Morning (YouTube Originals)

Role: Social media team

Good Mythical Morning is a daily YouTube Originals show featuring the comedy duo Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. In addition to the daily show, their social team produces content for their millions of digital fans.

I worked on the social media team that produced videos that correlated to show segments or were additional segments for when celebrity talent was on the show. My videos garnered 4.8+ million views and thousands of social shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Skills + Software: Pitching, research, script writing, working with celebrity talent, content calendar.


World’s Funniest Fails (FOX)

Role: Associate producer

World’s Funniest Fails was a comedic clip show hosted by Terry Crews that garnered 26.8 million viewers over its first season.

I worked as an associate producer acquiring rights to clips, getting content creators to appear on the show, and working on a team that selected final clips for the show.

Skills + Software: Budgeting, working with stakeholders + third parties, releases, Photoshop


Wolf - Short Film (Seed&Spark)


Wolf is a short film about love, mental illness, and stigma. It features a diverse cast and crew and was filmed in Los Angeles.

I was the associate producer on this short film and worked on getting fans on Seed&Spark to unlock rewards for the film. The film reached its funding goal and is currently in production.

Skills + Software: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Seed&Spark.


PSA: Prince Harry Was Never Going to Marry You (WhoHaHa)

Role: director/producer/writer/Editor

PSA: Prince Harry Was Never Going to Marry You is a sketch parody for women who were devastated that Prince Harry finally got married. It was featured on Elizabeth Banks’ comedy website WhoHaHa.

I wrote this sketch, hired actors and crew, secured locations, directed the performers, and edited the final cut and color. I also ran a social media campaign and got a media placement on WhoHaHa

Skills + Software: Final Cut Pro X, Facebook ads and analytics


Additional Work


Neoganda - Work on social media campaigns for upcoming films

Dancing with the Stars - Ran the official behind-the-scenes Snapchat for Season 19 + 20

DSM Living - Produced weekly lifestyle show for Des Moines channel ABC5

Daily Iowan TV - Produced + reported for daily news show